Monday, May 31, 2010

The World truly revolves around this Guy!?

This is a video of the citizens of Cleveland remaking We Are The World into Please Stay, LeBron. Oh My God I have really seen it all in people's efforts to get this guy, I mean from rally walks and free lapdances to song remakes. But I think Cleveland has outdid itself and every other place so now it's all up to LBJ.

You know they'll feel like idiots if he doesn't re-sign lol, but we'll have to wait and see July 1.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kid Cudi - All Talk

This is that new Kid Cudi w/ Chip Tha Ripper this is my freaking song rite now so listen and keep it Taylor'd.

PS This should be the Lakers theme song for the Finals because the Celtics are all talk and in LA we ain't half-steppin'.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Lil Wayne - Da Da Da

Here's one of the songs that you can actually listen to on Rebirth "Da Da Da". He's rocking out on the rooftops of Miami and people notice and they're reactions are classic. I like the vid, a lot of energy by Wayne and MAYDAY! make a cameo. Tell me what you think and keep it Taylor'd.....


R.I.P. Gary Coleman 1968-2010

Today on Friday May 28, 2010 Gary Coleman passes away at age 42. We all know him from the Hit Show Diff'rent Strokes(1978-1986) where he played Arnold Jackson and coined the phrase "Whatchu Talkin' Bout Willis?". But my heart goes out to his family and friends for their loss. Well know he can ask God what he's talking about. 


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - The Kid Frankie

Another video off the mid-April Classic Kush & Orange Juice by my man Wiz Khlaifa y'all. So light up a couple of them E-Z widers so you can elevate and kick it with Wiz and that Kid Frankie. Keep it Taylor'd and enjoi. 


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kobe Bryant = G.O.A.T.

The one thing that makes Kobe most great is he wasn't blessed with the god given athletic abilities of other NBA players we've come to know. He' not the biggest, not the fastest or quickest, not the tallest, and doesn't have Jordan-like leaping ability. But he still overcame all that along with average NBA size, decent hops, and a decent jumper by being the hardest worker the NBA has ever seen. Now he's one of the best ever with the BEST mid-range jump shot ever taken on planet Earth. I just posted this to help you see from my P.O.V or at least to really appreciate how great this guy has really been. You can call him Amazing, you can call him great or you can all him Kobe Bryant, Greatest Of All Time.

PS. Thanks to KB42PAH for making this amazing video and he also has a ton more


Friday, May 21, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - Statement[Official Video]

DJ ill Will & HotNewHipHop Present the Official Video for Wiz Khalifa’s song “The Statement” shot in Hollywood, CA. Off the highly publicized mixtape “Kush & Orange Juice” that took the internet by storm last month. Keep it Taylor'd and enjoi.

"We belong at the top but we ain't trippin 'cause we'll ge there in a minute"


Google effing Pac-Man doodle

The New Google Doodle Is a FREAKING GAME OF PAC-MAN

How freaking amazing is this? The guys at Google are fuggn awesome at coming up with bomb ass stuff to make us keep coming back. Take my advice next time you search something, because I'm hearing it'll be on all weekend, go to Google and hop on some Pac-Man and Keep it Taylor'd to the max. 
Here's the link in case some were born yesterday:

PS. If you press the insert coin button Mrs. Pac-Man pops up to and use the WASD to control her.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soul Khan vs Z.M.

Whatever you do on't be a lame and sleep on this vid because of the no-names involved they both go hard and spaz out like true battle rappers should. The verdict is that Soul Khan won, now you be the judge. Take a side

And big upps to my homie Mitch for putting me on this. Keep it Taylor'd and enjoi.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Western Conf. Finals or Kobe v. Nash

Tonight on TNT:
Western Conference Finals-Game 1
Phoenix Suns v. Los Angeles Lakers
Coverage started @ 8:00 pm eastern

Starting Line-ups:
Suns - PG: Steve Nash
          SG: Jason Richardson
          SF: Grant Hill
          PF: Amar'e Stoudemire
          C:  Robin Lopez or Jarron Collins  
Lakers-PG: Derek Fisher
          SG: Kobe Bryant
          SF: Ron Artest
          PF: Pau Gasol
          C:  Andrew Bynum 

Check this link out for a more in-depth view of the match-up:

Okay now that you know Who Ya Got? The Lake Show or The Suns?

Okay I'll admit I was terribly wrong last time so I'm not gonna guess the score but I will say the Lakers will pull this one out cause I got faith in the Mamba so Root for the Lakes and Keep it Taylor'd.


Hat Giveaway by G.O.O.D Music's Big Sean

This are just a couple of the hats Big says he's going to giveaway. 1st of all they're NOT NEW but he said he's probably going to autograph them. He hasn't really said how he's giving them away but he says stay tuned cause he'll make an announcement and that was like 2 hrs ago so any minute now.....

Follow : Sean for more info
     Me because I'm fly fool

Keep it Taylor'd though


This isn't good for Cleveland

Well first off there hasn't been any confirmed reports yet but theres not nasty rumors circulating the web right now. So here it is, the rumor is that Delonte West(shown on the left of the pic) has been having an affair with LeBron's mom!!!!!! And that's not it there's more, it is believed to be the reason for his sub-par play in games 5 & 6 against the Celtics last week because thats when he was informed about these acts. So far neither of them or LBJ's mom has spoken to media or has anything been confirmed, but it kinda make sense and explains why the MVP of the league would perform in such a way. But here's my take on it when you're on a team you guys are like a band of brothers and you look out for each others well being, right? So if you're like bros that means his mom is like your mom so Delonte which isn't cool man. But this is mainly on Delonte I mean you're in a difficult playoff series and need to win and this crap gets laid on your best player....not good. Also the Cavs are trying to keep James for the future and this may just make him want to rule out coming back indefinitely. But his mom should have known better. I don't exactly know how it went down or who came on to who but LeBron's mom should have definitely informed the King about her desires for any teammate to see how he felt about it instead of going behind his back and doing his brother his teammate. But RITE now this is all hypothetical because this could all be a lie. Nonetheless tell me what you think, rate it, and Keep it Taylor'd.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't Sleep on this....

Today on ABC:
Eastern Conference Finals-Game 1
Boston Celtics v. Orlando Magic
Coverage starts at 3:00 pm eastern time

Starting Line-ups:
Celtics-PG: Rajon Rondo
          SG: Ray Allen
          SF: Paul Pierce
          PF: Kevin Garnett
          C: Kendrick Perkins
Magic-PG: Jameer Nelson
         SG: Vince Carter
         SF: Matt Barnes
         PF: Rashard Lewis
         C: Dwight Howard

Check this link for a more in-depth look at the match-up: 

Okay now that you know Who Ya Got? The Magic or The Celts?

P.S. Personally I picked the Magic to win 112-98; the series will be 4-3 Magic winning in an old-school type 7-game series...Keep it Taylor'd 



Are You Sick of LeBron rite Now?

I know basketball fans are tired of seeing LeBron dominate all the headlines while there are 2 series yet to be played and free agency doesn't start 'till the end of June. And to add that there are other big names out there like Wade, Bosh, Dirk, and Joe Johnson. But this is the point I make to my boys when we talk B-Ball, LeBron literally has mass media in the palm of his hands and this is all ESPN, ABC, and Fox Sports feed to us....LEBRON. Yet they wonder why he's gonna win MVP for the next 5-6 yrs. But sadly this year was a little more unsettling for LeBron who won his 2nd straight MVP, had the best record in the NBA, and Home-Court Advantage throughout the playoffs because the Cavs added all these pieces so James would have help ad they could win a title but they surprisingly fell short of that goal and did worse than the previous year. So basically his 7th season is over and he didn't win a ring like Jordan because he's not Jordan he's LeBron and his story will play out differently. But now he's gonna be a Free Agent and thats all anyone can talk about. I mean LeBron is just one guy you mean to tell me one guys is more important than a NBA Playoffs story. Why not talk about the hottest team Phoenix who are shooting an amazing 41.7% from beyond the arc, or the Magic who haven't loss since early April, or the Lakers who have finally molded back into championship form, OR....THE CELTICS the team who beat the Cavs, the favorite to win it all, and are looking the way they were when they were champs. And Lastly about 2 weeks ago most ESPN analysts were putting Kobe in the doghouse and saying he's too old and his great days are over, well it's time to EAT IT because unless you were in a comma his last 5 games when he avg. 30+ pts and 5.2 asts. But if you watch now they're like "LeBron may be the 2-time MVP, but Kobe's the Best player in the NBA". All I'm says is it's a difference between being a choke or a quitter and being hurt. That being said I don't think LBJ is a quitter or anything but he had a bruised elbow  and Kobe has a broken finger, bad knee, sprained ankle, and back spasms on top of that but no even dares to make an excuse for Kobe because thats the player he is. And by the way stop saying LeBron doesn't have a good enough team he's had the best team twice and got booted out of the playoffs twice, but just saying.....Keep it Taylor'd


Getting Started....

I Know it's pretty late and I'm about to go to bed anyway but I did something kinda cool as I allowed the PC to suck away precious sleeping hours, I made a blog. It's basically gonna be me inserting my opinion on issues and whatever happens in this pop culture world but as of now "A Day in The Life of The Fly" will be a place for finding the latest info on what's hot and what you've been sleeping on....Keep it Taylor'd 


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