Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cool Kids - When Fish Ride Bicycles [Artwork x Tracklist]

Sooooooooooo its finally here, I thought it was gonna take Fish to actually ride bicycles for this album to come out lol sorry had to do it. But its slated for a July 12th release with Green Label Sound. In my opinion, I expected more songs and less features but at least we're getting it.

1. Rush Hour Traffic
2. GMC
3. Boomin' [ft Tennille]
4. Sour Apples [ft Travis Barker]
5. Penny Hardaway [ft Ghostface Killah]
6. Bundle Up
7. Gas Station [ft Bun B]
8. Get Right
9. Swimsuits [ft Mayer Hawthorne]
10. Roll Call [ft Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper, Boldy James]
11. Summer Jam [ft Maxine Ashley]


Monday, May 30, 2011

Funniest Thing of The Week: Mark Jackson Parody [Video]

Lol I thought I'd get you guys ready for the ABC broadcasts of the NBA Finals with one of the trademark Mark Jackson cuts to commercial. Props to Mitch.


Fashawn - Down That Road [ft Sam Hook] {Video}

This is one of my favorite songs off of Higher Learning 2, Sam Hook kills the hook lol but really though hooks like these make me wish I could sing cause....nevermind just enjoy the homie Fash


Wale - The Cloud [ft Tiara Thomas] {Video}

Never knew Wale had tats o.O but its cool though but those Barkleys on his feet went hard and this song is my ishh anyway 

PS Tiara Thomas looks better than I envisioned her


J. Cole - How High

Here goes another J. Cole track, I hear its a leak from something and somewhere [I didnt really feel like getting into it] but its not from anything official so enjoy.


Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPoWer {Video}

Wow, this nigga is entirely on another level than everyone. Like my eyes were glued to the screen and like it put me in this mode and like I felt like my ears havent been open like that cause I was really listening. Man I dont wanna over-exaggerate but this was good the visuals really put it over the top. 


Chip Tha Ripper - Everyday Chillin' {Video}

The homie Chip comes back with another visual for that ascot


Young Jeezy - The Real Is Back [Official Mixtape]

The title explains it all! The Real Is Back! Jeezy comes from his longgg hiatus from the rap game, but he's back and I expect a Jeezy-like performance on this. Im only on track 8 right now, but its solid so far. And Im guessing TM103 is next up but its just being sat on.

Hit The Jump for the Tracklist x Download
read more


DJ Drama - Oh My [ft Fabolous, Roscoe Dash, x Wiz Khalifa] {Video}

Lol at first I hated it but I eventually started liking it cause the boy does need something to dance to *kanye shrug*


Nardwuar vs Curren$y II [Interview]

Nardwuar links up with $pitta again and in Vancouver this time


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big Sean - Finally Famous: The Album [Artwork]

So we gotta date and we now have an album cover, only thing left is the tracklist before the actual album release

FFOE, JUNE 28th!!


Ball Greezy - Like You [ft Rick Ross]

You guys know that I must put on for my city and little of you may know that this guy had a smash hit in the 3-oh [3-0-5 for those unfamiliar] a couple years back. So now he's back with another smooth joint that may get some plays.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trademark Da $kyDiver x Young Roddy x Curren$y - Jet Set/Jet Life {Video}

Man these songs are G as fugg man, I do wish that my fav song "Jet Life" got its own vid but I guess this'll do. Till the next life nigga! Shout out to Cookin' Soul!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boldy James - Trapper's Alley - Pros And Cons [Official Mixtape]

The D-Town repping ConCreature is dropping his debut mixtape, I believe, and its loaded up to the tee with tracks.

Hit the jump for Download x Tracklist
read more


Big K.R.I.T. - R4: The Prequel [Tracklist x Artwork]

Seems as if Krizzle is gonna compress the Return of 4eva tape to a 5 tracker. Here are the ones that made the cut:

1. Sookie Now [ft David Banner]
2. Time Machine [ft Chamillionaire]
3. Country Shit {Remix} [ft Bun B x Ludacris]
4. The Vent
5. Moon & Stars {Remix} [ft Killa Kyleon x Curren$y]

Wat'd make you're 5 track cut?


Monday, May 23, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 {Debut Trailer}

If you guys love COD as much as I do then you'd be just as excited!!!! Man I loved MW2 and play that shit over Black Ops anyday. Man this seems as if its gonna be freaking amazing so you know Im copping. 

It drops  on 11.8.11


Pac Div - Fallin' {Video}

Pac Div, "Fallin'" from Clement & Co. on Vimeo.

Pac Div is dropping vids like nobodys business, and if you didnt catch it the Anti-Freeze video was the New Joint on 106 & Park so go vote that if you care.


Cassidy - Cosmic Kev Freestyle {Video}

Damn yo, I wasnt sure that Cass still had it in him like this man. Had me thinkn this was that Post Problem/Pre Hustla Cass man. If this doesnt have you making stank faces *Trey Songz voice* then go fill your iPod with Deion Sanders Jr freestyles


Stalley - Chevys & Space Ships

My nigga Stalley drops a free one for the people on Maybach Mondays cause remember he is apart of MMG and is on a track so pick that up here


Sunday, May 22, 2011

J. Cole - Return of Simba

Seems that Cole was in the giving mood cause he just drops one on us via Twitter. Havent gotten a chance to listen yet but anything with the words Cole and Simba in it, is a must listen over here 


Wiz Khalifa - Reefer Party [ft Chevy Woods x Neako]

Wiz goes over Waka's Grove St. Party beat, so here goes that Summer weed jam yo


Friday, May 20, 2011

Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy

Drake lets one go on OVO and says this is just track he felt he needed to share with us, not a single. Its been awhile since Drake was on consecutive rap songs lol been on that singing shit. Check it out, its nice.


Big Sean - What Goes Around

Another track from Finally Famous: The Album and its produced by No ID if that kinda thing excites you lol. But the tape comes out on June 21st so be ready FFOE


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kevin Durant/Brendan Haywood [THE POSTER]

Looks like I got a new wallpaper for my iPod lol man this ishh is so cold, I got to give it up for @NBA_Photos cause this 2 in a row for them. Man I need this in my room man they're bringing posters back in one postseason round.


Durant putting niggas in his Backpack {Video}

Goddamn man did KD get up there on this one, like man I dont think anybody was ready for that ishh especially not Haywood lol. KD is taking niggas souls and putting them in his backpack.


Machine Gun Kelly - Half Naked x Almost Famous

You might have heard snippets of this song if you follow the vid series, but since I dont follow MGK's lil video series this was my 1st time hearing. The song is tight though, Stay Laced!


Sir Michael Rocks - Livin' It Up [ft Trademark Da $kyDiver] {Video}

Mikey gives one of my fav joints off of The Rocks Report the visual treatment. This song is so chill and just knocks man, but I got one question thats been on my mind for a hot minute........ so what the fugg is wrong with Trade's lip man? Like when he speaks and shit it like doesnt go all the way up as if its been punched or something. I just wanna know, can someone give this info and tell me if there was an accident or something?? Or is that just how it is?


Meek Mill - I'm A Boss [ft Rick Ross] {Video}

Heres goes another vid from MMG, but what may be lost in all the MMG overload, Ross's credibility questionings, and Wale ishh is that Meek Mill is stepping in the spotlight and owning it. I mean Meek is really winning off of all this mainly because he had like 0 buzz before this so people are hearing and he never changed from previous joints and he may have gotten better since then. So while we're thinking bout other things Meek is eating.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dom Kennedy - Designer Sh*t {Video}

One of my fav tracks on the project man, I love this tape man. It has so much replay value and can always get a spin from me. This is only the 2nd official vid from THE ORIGINAL DOM KENNEDY.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blu - je s u s [Album]

Whoa if this nigga Blu aint mysterious idk who is, but here comes a tape literally out of nowhere. I just wanna say 1st off, what the hell is this guy using to record/mix his shit? Like really, i sounds like a Ustream rip or some shit, C'mon Son! you can do better than this.

Listen here:
Blu - je s u s


Young Chris - Hey Lover

Starting to like this guy after hearing some of his shit, by the way his new project L.I.F.E.(Ladies In Free Everywhere) will be dropping on May 24th.


Kendrick Lamar does best Wiz impression, lol {Video}

LMAO this nigga is too fuggin funny for this and it was half bad either. I heard somebody say lets see Wiz try and impersonate Kendrick lol dont hold ya breath.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Funniest Thing of the Week: Boot-Licker, LITERALLY! {Video}

You ever want a good shoe shine, Im assuming this guy would willing do it. LMAO my fav part is when he puts the shit back on hahahaha. Man these FTOW are getting tooo fucking funny


Fuggin Dude Perfect, B-Ball Trick Shots {Video}

These guys are freaking amazing man, like I might be able to hit one if you give me all day but that 10 Million Point Shot sheesh I could never do that. I cant even flip, I'd break my fuggin neck but still would put the team on my back doe lol. Keep doing your thing Dudes, perfect.


MMG - Fitted Cap [ft J. Cole] x Self Made

I swear man, Meek Mill saved the Fitted Cap track sheesh was that bad. Like besides the generic chorus and Luger-like beat the fuggin hook made no sense "Snapback Fitted Cap"??? Wtf its either a snapback or a fitted cap, no both! And the Self Made track saved this post man. Just Blaze killed the production if I might add.

MMG - Fitted Cap [ft J. Cole]

MMG - Self Made


The Official Taj Gibson/D.Wade Poster

Damn this is sick yo, I would totally fucking buy this and have it on my wall. lol Taj Gibson dunk did more than just describe the game last night, it has single no double handedly [see pic to get joke] brought back the poster bizz. 

But okay Heat Im done for now and dont ct as if I dont post countless D.Wade ishh on here cause you can search. I like Wade and everybody gets dunked on........just not like that lol.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodnight Miami, Sincerely Taj Gibson {Video}

Jesus man its only rite that he ends the night like this. This is gonna be known as Taj's bar mitzvah because he became a man with tonite. Also check the previous post to see how he took Wade's cornbread.


Welcome Back to Chicago, Wade!!! {Video}

Damn D.Wade wats up with this man lol Taj ain't give a fugg about that being Dwyane Wade underneath that basket, he just SLAMmed it on. Lots of time left and Im expecting Wade too be holding a grudge 


Los - MJ Bitch

1st off this is some nice artwork, but the Baltimore rapper goes over the MMG record "Tupac Back" and puts his own little twist on it, take a listen.

Random note: somtimes I feel like I sound like a guy introducing some dude to the stage at a talent show with those little blurbs I write.


DJ Khaled - I'm On One [ft Lil Wayne, Drake, x Rick Ross]

So I've been hearing about this song all weekend so here it is, Drake had a nice input on this song. About the only memorable thing bout it


Curren$y - #JetsGo {Video}

$pitta is at it again people, Weekend At Burnie's coming June 28th and this is the lead single so visuals were a must yo.


Curren$y - Weekend At Burnie's [Artwork]

Man the Pilot of the Jet is at it again, you gotta love his work ethic if nothing else, and dropping his first project on Warner on the tentative date of June 28th. "These Niggas Scared of Monstas" Monsta Beatz will be doing the majority of the producing for the tape.


Rick Ross - Maybach Music III {Video}

Looks like it was done during the Self Made photoshoot and its only Ross's verse.


Lil Wayne - If I Die Today [ft Rick Ross] {Official Video}

okay here goes the same vid again, lol naw apparently they've made a few changes from the earlier unfinished version that leaked.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wiz Kalifa - Chuck [ft Chevy Woods x Neako]

Wiz announced over Twitter maybe a couple days ago that he went in over the Lil Wayne If I Die Today beat. Judge....


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Los - Hustle Hard Freestyle {Video}

Just came across this today and its pretty dope, but shout out to my man Hope for puttin up on game. And heres a bonus one from Los, this is one of my faves so DONT SLEEP:


Monday, May 9, 2011

Ray Allen dunks on Chris Bosh, yes DUNKS {Video}

Damn who knew Jesus Shuttlesworth could still get up like this lol man Chris Bosh is always on the wrong end. But the funny thing about this is the back view when Bosh is in front lmao what is he doing


Young Chris - None of Dem [Remix]

Not too familiar with this guy, but this was floating around my airspace and I checked it out and its not too bad. Has a Biggie feature so tune in for that of you like that sort of thing. Dont sleep


Pac Div - Rollin' {Video}

In Studio Session: Pac Div "Rollin" from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

Here goes a visual from Don't Mention It. The 3 Little Digs did a lil in-studio performance of the track. Wonder wats getting the vid treatment next...


Big Sean - I Do It

FINALLY!!! I've been waiting to post something man,and you know the demise of the Lakers had me :/ so didnt feel like sportswriting. But I came back cause bitch I DO IT


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wale x Meek Mill - 100Hunnit {Video}

Im loving the theme to this vid and to be honest, ever since those cliche Pandemonium and Play Your Part vids they've really picked it up in the Moment For Life Freestyle vid and this one. I for one believe that Meek could've went harder but its still nice.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Just In, Wade Has a Fetish For Broken Ankles [Video]

Goddamn D-Wade why you gotta do em like this *stankface while slowly shaking head side-to-side* This nigga has no sympathy for ya ankles so please come correct when guarding this man.

And heres another one >.< oOOooooOoo damn he took Garnett's lunch money with that one there:

Shout out to Black Sports Online and nbavideosnow


Funniest Thing of The Week: Facebook Names [Video]

LOL I know we've all encountered the now infamous Fscebook names with the obnoxious middle names so here's a vid to poke fun at em but the sad thing is that I think some of them are real D:


Monday, May 2, 2011

Funniest Thing of The Week: Osama Bin Laden Dead [Video]

Omfg this is the funniest shit I've seen this year, fugg this week, man FilnoBEP put their fucking all into this one lmao man this shit is hilarious although I advise you to listen to YC's Racks on Racks because otherwise you wouldnt get the joke.


Nesby Phips - Magic [ft Curren$y x Stalley]

Man this track is magic man, havent bumped some Phips in awhile so I can catch back up on em. Also he throws in a few Ballas in Stalley x $pitta so its a guaranteed listen.


Black Cobain - 4 AM [ft Wale] {Video}

Wale and Cobain, the mutherfucking Board of Administration! The man at his best yo, aint shit change but the money


Osama Bin Dead, trust me

Hold up!!! Is that a G-Shock??? lol

So its been reported that this nigga has been deaded by some type of attack by the US in Pakistan near the capitol or whatever, but I think this nigga had to die like 3 yrs ago cause the nigga was at least 139 c'mon people! and this shit doesnt do anything for anything like wooooo he's dead, okay now what? Thats what Im like. But Im guessing its more symbolic than meaningful you know, and that has to spark something so Im waiting for it.........as I hold back tears after filling my tank :'( shit hurts man. But laugh some funny/fucked images :D

save image

save image


Amazing Inspiring Message for ALL to see [Video]

Im literally speechless man, this is so good. I cant even do it justice because I have no words to properly describe the greatness that it embodies. What I can say is watch this, you'll definitely feel stronger and have a will to get through


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