Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins (Episode 1)

Here's the 1st episode if you didnt get to catch it last night. Shouts out to BlackSportsOnline


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins (Trailer)

So the HBO show 'Hard Knocks' kicks off tonight, and the latest victims are my own Miami Dolphins. If you've never seen or heard about 'Hard Knocks', it's basically an exclusive inside look into the training camp of a team. To me it adds a bunch of unneeded attention to your camp & just causes distractions that you don't need. Somehow my Dolphins didn't get the memo, but our owner cares more about being an entertainment power than he does a football one. 

Regardless of the fact, this should be fun. Look for Chad's silly antics to be a major part. And for the QB race, Jesus let it be Matt Moore.

Catch it at 10 pm EST on HBO


Monday, August 6, 2012

illest Thing of The Week: Russell WESTSIDE Edition (Video)

Whoa!!! Man, Argentina ticked off the wrong bunch. No one told homes Russy can fly, but I think he eventually got the memo. A technical foul I'll take every time.

Oh and KD, hit em with the dougie shimmy


Jordan #RiseAbove Commercial (Video)

So I was watching the Olympics, and this was the daytime so I was probably watching some Equestrian shit while KD was spoiling every event I wanted to watch later on that night, and this commercial came on that really caught my eye. 

It had a story, it kind of put you in the lives of 2 kids from 2 different sides of the world who both got influenced by the same game. They'd both grow up to great players & crossed paths on numerous occasions. And eventually they returned back where their love for the game all started, in the Olympics & it ends on a dramatic toss with the hashtag #RiseAbove displayed. I thought it was an amazing commercial and even broke my blogging hiatus to bring it to you. 

(P.S. blogging hiatus due to college preparation & computer difficulties, but I will be back for a vengeance pretty soon. Thanks peeps)


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