Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play Cloths: Scope [Navy Blue]

Man this hat is hella sick to me man, I prolly gonna cop and you can too 

Buy Here!


Machine Gun Kelly - Get Laced [Cleveland Wins] {Video}

After the Cavs big win against the Heat, Cleveland's own Machine Gun Kelly releases a joint in honor of it where he takes a lil shot at Lebron James with "Fuck Lebron, the king never left" and this vid is also kinda funny to lol #LaceUp


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wiz Gets Emotional at Concert [Video]

Man I dont think this is soft of him or bitchmade or anything I think that shit was very human and something I could really relate to man. Just think man, this dude has been grinding since High School for this very moment right here and its finally that time. It just shows that all that hard work payed off in the end and he became what he set out to be, regardless of the neigh sayers and doubters. I may get on Wiz sometimes but the nigga will always be one of my favorite rappers and somebody that influenced me from the passion and perseverance to the swag and bravado. Now thats Taylor'd, hopefully one day I'll see how this feels but for now all I can do is work. Im outti.


Funniest Thing of The Week: That Nigga Gary

Damn I dont even wanna say anything lmao, just watch ahahaha just watch

Props to Fly Girl Shaina for showing me this


Curren$y - Covert Coup [Artwork]

We havent yet received Muscle Car Chronicles but hopefully we get this on time for Smokers Holiday *chuckles* Covert Coup 4.20.11


Ab-Soul - LongTerm Mentality [Trailer]

#LTM 4.5.11 #HiiPower


Theophilus London - Why Even Try [ft Sara Quin] {Video}

Another crazy joint from TheLo off his EP Lovers Holiday. I saw this earlier on MTVJams and thought it was dope.

Pick up the Tape here


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Curren$y X Trademark Da $kyDiver - GT500

Here goes a familiar duo from the JETS headquarters


Pac Div - Anti-Freeze [Official Video]

Here goes the visual for the Mania! track "Anti-Freeze"


Chip Tha Ripper - The Entrance [Official Video]

Chip Tha Ripper - The Entrance from on Vimeo.

This is one of my fav songs on Gift Raps I love the beat so much and the song man check out the video nice lil effect on it


Young Roddy - Blow

Young Roddy drops off a solo product for that ascot


Monday, March 28, 2011


Jeez Shannon dont hurt em, man he was like let me dunk, naw Im gonna loopy de loop that motherfugger to the other side in air and still dunk that ishh ughhh *Rick Ross voice*


Big K.R.I.T. - Return of 4eva

Return Of 4 Eva

Here we go baby its finally here the Return of 4eva has hit the surface and I suggest you click that download button as hard as you can. Im gonna go ahead and GUARANTEE that this is one of the Top 5 tapes of the year!

Download It!


Ab-Soul - Rapper Shit [ft Kendrick Lamar]

Man I am so ready for this tape right about now, especially since K.R.I.T. is sitting on the Return of 4eva, but this song goes in heavy and these are slowly becoming my fav 2 Black Hippy members. Still love me some Schoolboy Q yet still skeptical to Jay Rock because the only verses I liked from him were on his "All My Life [ft Lil Wayne]" and "Rolling Stone" so idk, but LongTerm: Mentality 4.5.11


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Frank Ocean - Swim Good [ft Dave Raps]

If you know me personally you would know Im not the biggest OFWGKTA fan, its not that they're music isnt dope because alot is its just that on a weird scale of 1-10 they're a 20 lol so the transition to fan of em is a slow one but some of their stuff I can really appreciate, like this song, so check it out.

Props to the homie Felix Santana 


Stalley - BET Music Matters Performance X Lincoln Way Nights [Official Mixtape]

UPDATE: The 106 & Park vid is tripping so heres the SXSW performance
Check out the homie Stalley performing on BET's Music Matters Showcase, you might know him from the track on Curren$y's Pilot Talk "Address". But here you get a chance to know some more about em. And while you're at it, cop his tape which I co-sign as dope!

Hit the jump for the Tracklist X Download
read more


VCU is Fa Show

VCU is in the building in the biggest of ways by defeating USC, Georgtown, Purdue, Florida State, and the #1 seed Kansas to make it to the Final Four! How many of you had them in going far in your bracket? ......Nobody.....oh. Besides all the bracket busting they're doing they are really relaying a strong positive message behind all of their fantastic play; it doesnt even matter if nobody believes in you, as long as you believe in yourself you can do whatever you set out to. Wtbs GO RAMS!!


Ab-Soul - Longterm: Mentality [Artwork]

The Black Hippy member has his project slated for a April 5th release so be on the lookout and check out wats already leaked by searching Ab-Soul in the search box #HiiPower


Friday, March 25, 2011

Ab-Soul - Gone Insane

Damn man Black Hippy truly is a movement dawg they're like a new school Death Row, a modern day Roc-A-fella, a GOOD Young Money yeah they're that amazing and they're all fire. Be on the lookout for Longterm: Mentality 4.5.11


Nardwuar vs Big K.R.I.T. [Interview]

The man Nardwuar hooks up with another homie Big K.R.I.T. while in Austin, TX and has yet another memorable interview man, this guy is dope

"Million dollars on the pants, 2 Million on the hat muggfugger Jetlife"


"Jet Life to the Next Life" - Starring Curren$y, Trademark Da $kydiver, & Young Roddy [Official Mixtape]

2dope has decided to let go of the project after a couple leaks so here it is! If you loved the tracks that Trade & Roddy dropped while their were on their lil run then you'll love em over some original Cookin' Soul production.

Hit the jump for the Tracklist X Download
read more


Big Sean - My Last [ft Chris Brown] {Video}

Here goes the visual to the debut single from the homie Big Sean, it looks like the album maybe on its way after all. Finally Famous: The Album 5.3.11


Mac Miller - On and On

Heres a leak off the EP


Sundrop Commercial is lmao

This funny lmao I've been hearing about this for a couple days and I finally saw it! I might actually try this soda because of that white girl, can somebody find me this white girl I wanna just throw the Snoop on and we can dance our asses off in my living room


Mac Miller - On and On and Beyond [Release Date]

ughhh Im tired but fugg it Im posting through it, Supposed to drop 3.29.11 yes same day as Wiz *chuckles* with 6 tracks and 2 from BDE oh and its an EP

1. Put it on
2. Live Free
3. On and On
4. Life Aint Easy
5. In the Air
6. Another Night


Curren$y - Hot 97 Freestyle [Funkmaster Flex]

$pitta graces Flex with a Muscle-bound freestyle 


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bosh's D < Stuckey's O < The Poster it made :O

Damn man straight up Jams on Chris Bosh man! And people wonder why I think he's soft lol this would've been a perfect time for a hard foul [mainly cause he was late on the rotation], lets people know that you're not just gonna come flying through Chris Bosh's paint like that, but no he goes up and the softest way possible for a big man and gets the treatment.

And look at the gay walk he does after he gets Dunkfaced lmao Explains everything.


Karma is a.....BLOCK!

Damn man JaVale McGee put all his feelings of losing the Dunk Contest into that one, just gave Blake Griffin a straight Facial with no Make-Up but it did make up for something


Snoop Dogg - This Weed Iz Mine [ft Wiz Khalifa]

Not too sure how this album's gonna play out, but this track is nice


Nardwuar vs Curren$y [Interview]

Funny ass interview man and this nigga Nardwuar does his fuggin Homework on everybody he interviews, G ass nigga

"Million dollar pants, 2 Million Dollars on the Hat muggfugger Jetlife"


Lil Wayne - If I Die Today [ft Rick Ross]

You know I wasnt posting till I got my hands on the CDQ, but I didnt like this too much at the 1st listen and maybe cause it was clean, but now I like a little but Im still a bit disappointed because it sounds exactly like Rick Ross's Im Not Star and its not the best I've ever heard from Wayne but watever this is a nice single.

And its produced by Polow Da Don not Lex Luger [hmmmm idk wat that means]


Trademark Da $kyDiver X Young Roddy - Nothin' Lesser

Another leak from the project, Enjoi


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big K.R.I.T. - Man on Fire X Now Or Neva {Remix} [ft Slim Thug]

Props to Shake[2dopeboyz]

Again Props to the Dopehouse for this post again

The homies at 2dope must've been reading everyone's minds because I really didnt want half of that BS taking up space in Hard Drive lol so heres what K.R.I.T. gives to the mixtape

Big K.R.I.T. - Man on Fire

Big K.R.I.T. - Now Or Neva {Remix} [ft Slim Thug]


Kendrick Lamar - Don't Understand X Outrageous X Freshman Freestyle

This entire post is props to the Dopehouse

The homies at 2dope must've been reading everyone's minds because I really didnt want half of that BS taking up space in Hard Drive lol so heres what K.Dot gives to the mixtape

Kendrick Lamar - Don't Understand

Kendrick Lamar - Outrageous

Kendrick Lamar - XXL Freestyle


Big K.R.I.T. - Dreamin' [Video]

Man this is amazing, like I felt really inspired and optimistic about, not only K.R.I.T.’s career, but things in my own life. When’s the last time that a song held true to a theme and gave you an actual feeling inside? This is music man. The way it’s supposed to be.

Return of 4eva 3.28.11


Theophilus London - Century Girl [ft Devonte Hynes]

Man this dude never seems to disappoint, this gives you that smooth feeling joint that you can nod to and it can mean something very beautiful. TheLo's the man and pick up Lovers Holiday if you havent already


XXL 2011's Freshman Class: The Mixtape

Here goes the tape guys, watcha rate it?

Hit the jump for the Tracklist X Download
read more


JaVale McGee smh this aint even fair [Video]

Damn yo straight out the air though, Might be the block of the year and he just paused for a second cause he knew it was badass


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MTV News: Big K.R.I.T. and Producing

Damn yo this guy has to be a fan favorite just check out the humble beginnings like damn man #Returnof4eva 3.28.11


Trademark Da $kyDiver X Young Roddy - Pilots

"First leak off our upcoming Jet Life to the Next Life project with Cookin’ Soul, Trademark and Young Roddy. Taking the tracks they leaked over the past few weeks and giving them original production." - 2dopeboyz

Download It!

My bad on the preview, couldn't do it because this post and/or Hulkshare was tripping


Mac Miller - Futuristic Funk

Expect XXL and DJ Whoo Kid to be dropping XXL's 2011 Freshman Class: The Mixtape around noon-time tomorrow. Here's a track off of it, Like or no like?


Curren$y X Mckenzie Eddy - Muscle Car Chronicles ep.2 [Video]

Jetlife, enjoi! Also a new video from Mckenzie Eddy in there


Monday, March 21, 2011

C'mon Knicks

This picture should just about sum it all up. The Knicks have been far from phenomenal and very much a disappointment in some eyes. The Honeymoon is now over as if it wasnt over when they lost to Cleveland that second time. But the Knicks just need a W in a big fashion to gain back some of the swagger it once had at the start of this Melo trade. As of now the Knicks are the 7th seed in the East so they may get either Chicago or Boston which if not playing at their best they might get swept :o 

But if they can get their grove back they're only 1 game behind Philly for the 6th spot which is prolly gonna pit them against the Heat which I think would make for an exciting series and may even pump them up enough to make tight, but bottom line the Knicks made this trade for next year, but you never wanna end on a bad note so its important that the Knicks finish strong. Although their schedule isnt gonna be easy because they have to see Orlando & New Jersey twice, Boston & Chicago again, and the dreaded Cavaliers once more. So if they want it they can do it, but the key is......wait for it......DEFENSE, yeah folks the D-word tell the Knicks to learn by Wednesday it'll help


Rick Ross - RetroSuperFuture II [ft Wiz Khalifa X Wale] {Video}

Here goes the vid for the 2nd version of the RetroSuperFuture which dropped last week. Self Made drops May 24th


Pusha T - Fear of God [Official Mixtape]

As most of you may or may not know, Im not the biggest Pusha fan. I like him as like a lyricist per say but I feel he doesnt have the ability to make quality songs. Like I appreciate him more as a freestyler than as an artist. I just feel the punchline rapper is a dying breed not because they lack talent but because it gets old when every line you're trying for a punchline and it doesnt show diversity as an artist, but thats just me. THE SILVER LINING in this is that this tape could be phenomenal as everyone is hyping it up to be and it'll completely change my opinion on him. But if it doesnt  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Hit the jump for the Tracklist X Download
read more


"Jet Life to the Next Life" - Starring Curren$y, Trademark Da $kydiver, & Young Roddy

It looks like the JETS are giving people wat they want, a full mixtape by the name of Jet Life to the Next Life with all three of the Jet Stars on this one with original production by Cookin' Soul and presented by 2dopeboyz

Well you gotta say it twice; Jetlife, Jetlife.


Wiz Khalifa - Rooftops [ft Curren$y]

Im hearing that the whole album leaked so damn homie :/ but here's a Wiz/$pitta collabo "for that ascot" 


Ab-Soul - Nothin New [Video]

Ay yo Im feeling this and Longterm: Mentality drops on 4.5.11 be ready #HiiPower


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blake dont hurt em! No basket Though

Damn Blake put it on Gortat [pause] lol but it looks like his feet were outside the restricted area so it was a good call, but was it worth getting Posterized! I guess so, no I in team but there's a U in DunkFace!


Rebecca Black - Friday [Ice Cube Version]

Rebeca Black's Friday in the hood lmao, I cant breath man just watch this. It's the movie Friday but to Rebecca Black's song.


Hey Guys....look wat I got

LMAO check out the Pacers' Bench ahaha the reaction is priceless

PS: A nigga is loving these gifs so expect more in future posts, dont like it......still, come back and tell how much you dont like it lol. 

Cause this is me everytime the blog gets a view (˘⌣˘):


Andrew Bynum smh C'mon Son!


Bynum, C'mon Son! How the hell you just gonna ka-pow the nigga in the chest like that and not expect to get ya ass thrown out the game smh. Now you're suspended for a hot two games, but on the bright side at least he's not injured  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but at least he wont be missing too much just Portland and Phoenix but we can afford losses. And this is no good news especially with Kobe's injuries and sub-par play. But we wont die because we have LO to fill the void but damn man be wiser next time.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jameer Nelson, I'll take 3 please

Damn yo Jameer hit that bitch, heres my range of emotions as I watched it

I was like:


Then [me watching with my friend from Denver]:


Trademark Da $kyDiver X Young Roddy X Curren$y - Jet Life

After the duo of Trade & Rod hit us with 8 hot ones they link up with the Pilot and bring us 'Jet Life'


Friday, March 18, 2011

Killa Kyleon - Throwed Off Freestyle

The Homie drops a nice one. Killa!


Bullys Beware!!!

Hey Im a firm believer of the only way to stop bullying is to confront your bully and boy did this kid ever do that. But the moral of the song is that, if you bully might get slammed on your neck >:)


Chris Broussard talks on the Uncle Tom controversy

I was actually watching this live and thought it was an amazing little speech by Chris and I totally agree and respect him for his feelings. 

I too made similar comments on some video on Youtube a while back

save image
lmao haha but seriously though I hate when some black people hear me talk and see how hard I work in school and say things like "he talks like a white person" or "he's white" like damn to be black I cant use proper english? To be black I cant be smart I gotta be stupid? So wat you're sayn is to be black I have to be an ignorant dumbass? No thanks because thats not being black, thats being you and thats something I dont wanna be. I wanna bring pride to our race, not shame so you can be "black"

Also check out another post I made on the issue: 
Grant Hill, Fab-5, and Uncle Toms Oh my! :O


Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV [Release Date]

"It can come out tomorrow cause Im so finished, but you know Tez like to sit on homo"

lmao that may make this also eligible for Great Moments in (pause) History, but Tha Carter IV should drop May 16th according to Cortez Bryant, Wayne's Manager, so lets hope Wayne doesnt disappoint and delivers the album we wanna hear not some gay auto-tuned out piece o' crap that he thinks is good. Give us something that the Lil Wayne '04-'07 era would give us not something from this recent guy. Give us something more Carter II and less Rebirth and we'll be happy. Thats all.


Great Moments in (pause) History

Here goes another Great Moment in (pause) History from the main man Dwight Howard who sparked the creation of these posts in the 1st place. He just kept fugging up lol


XXL Freshman of '11: Cypher Pt.3 [Video]

Here goes part three of the Cyphers and I gotta say that K.R.I.T. went in and so did my homie Meek Mill, but damn Freddie Godson wat the hell yo? I was really pulling for you to finish strong but I knew something was gonna go wrong when they gave you like almost 2 mins. But watevvs it was straight check it out.


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