Monday, February 28, 2011

Missed FTs = Towel in the Face

LO missed TWO key Free Throws to seal the game yesterday against the Thunder and I dont have to tell you Kobe didnt like that lol. Its actually kinda effed up, but KB's a competitor and LO knows that and he knows that he has to make those because this was a playoff-type game and if he does this in April he have more than a towel flying at his face.


Blood Type - Thanksgiving [ft Kendrick Lamar X Ghost Wridah]

Another one from the homies Blood Type, be on the lookout for  2 Weeks Notice


Wiz Khalifa X Snoop Dogg - Young, Wild, & Free

Another track from the new "Cheech and Chong" and its a feel good track. Possibly on the soundtrack of High School


Big K.R.I.T. - Dreamin'

The Cover Art looks pretty dope and the song is crack, check out the Statement by K.R.I.T.

This is the 1st leak of my new Album “Returnof4eva” (artwork by Eric Bailey) The song is called “Dreamin” I produced the beat as well. I feel this is a perfect representation of my music at this exact moment in time bc it could have gone either way for me. This was all a dream a year ago. Now i am living out my dreams everyday. This is a personal & special record to me & i hope it inspires you to follow your dreams like i did. Motion Family shot the video for this yesterday, Thats coming soon. In the meantime u can get the song & all updates from me at – Big K.R.I.T.


Jay-Z - The Evolution of My Style [Video]

Real interesting sit-down by Hov, talking about his rapping techniques and really what spawned this style that we have all grown so fond of.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up [Official Video]

Here goes the video for the 2nd single off of Rolling Papers. enjoi!

And remember Rolling Papers drops on 3.29.11

The Audio:


Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers[Artwork]

Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers Album cover

Well there it is and it looks pretty dope, Tracklist is sure to drop soon as well so keep it Taylor'd my friends


J. Cole - Nothing Like It

Man Cole got that flame and it aint 'Nothing Like It' when the hell is Cole World dropping shit man, we need an album yo


Trademark Da $kyDiver X Young Roddy - Pilot Seats

Gotta say it twice! Jetlife, Jetlife


Friday, February 25, 2011

DayToday Season 3 ep.8

"It's the champagne pourin' 
Big joint rollin' 
Bombay sippin' 
No blunt smoking "

We do this DayToDay BIATCH!


Pac Div - Mania! [Tracklisting]

Mania! is supposed to drop on the 25th! Thats on Friday! Lets see if they go through with it, well here's wat to expect. But Im wondering why Let Loose isnt on here [UPDATE] Just like I thought they have delayed it until Tuesday, March 1st. And Happy Early Birthday Kelsi :) <3 now I gots two things to look forward to on March 1st

1. The Mirror
2. SuperNegroes
3. Anti Freeze (prod. Swiff D)
4. Take Me High
5. Fallin’
6. Same ‘Ol Shit
7. Nobody’s Perfect
8. Chief Rocka Freestyle feat. Casey Veggies
9. Your F*cking Song
10. Show You feat. BJ The Chicago Kid
11. Saved
12. Somethin’ feat. Ty$
13. Take Me Back
14. Still a Knucklehead feat. Sir Michael Rocks
15. Out


Black Hippy - Constipation

Another Black Hippy joint leaks and its from Ab-Soul's project LongTerm: Mentality dropping April 5th


Thursday, February 24, 2011

BouZh - Have A Good Time

Check this kid out. He's from Broward, and he's spittin'!. Plus he's opening for an upcoming Ricky Rozay show! So click the link and support the Homie!

  Download It!


Secret Scientist X Fly Times Boutique

Check out the dope SS gear only at Fly Times Boutique


Casey Veggies - DTA Raps [Video]

I understand Im late on this but better late than never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and the homie kills this


Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor [ft Eminem X Skylar Grey] {Official Video}

Check out the Mini-Move/Music Video from Dre and Em


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chip Tha Ripper - Light One Up [Official Video]

Chip Tha Ripper - Light One Up from on Vimeo.

Here's our 1st taste of wat Gift Raps is like which drops March 1st.


The Cool Kids - Bundle Up

Well it looks like the highly-anticipated When Fish Ride Bicycles is gonna drop on Green Label Sound and Im not sure why but watevvs if Im getting music. This is most likely on it so take a listen and 'Bundle Up' its a cold world out there.


Emilio Rojas - Life Without Shame [Offical Mixtape-No DJ]

Im just now really starting to get on this dude so this couldnt have came at a better time.

Hit the jump for the Download X Tracklist
read more


Cory Gunz - Flatline Freestyle


Young Dro - Polo Down


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blood Type - Writer's Block [ft Emilio Rojas]

This has to be the sickest cover and smoothest song I've heard in a long time. So check out the 2 Miami reppers on this chill ass beat. 


Gucci Mane - 2 Timez [ft Wiz Khalifa]

In my opinion, one of his best verses in a long time. And sorry for being late on this one, but when I saw that ol' Goo Mane was on this I overlooked it.


Ab-Soul - Moscato [ft Kendrick Lamar]

Look out for Longterm: Mentality  


Mac Miller - She Said

Prod. by Khrysis 


Monday, February 21, 2011

XXL Top Ten Freshman of '11

I like 7 out of the 11, but they're gonna leave people out on purpose so people like us can talk about it, its a marketing strategy cause I think they're aware that some of the Freshmen are WTF

Some of my Snubs:
Chip Tha Ripper, XV, Dom Kennedy, Laws

Damn Im sure I left somebody off my Snubs list [Now thats Irony] so tell me some of your snubs?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kobe Bryant is BLACK MAMBA!

It finally drops, Kobe's new mini-movie Directed by Robert Rodriguez. It Stars some big names like Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo, and Kanye West. Its only like 5 1/2 mins so give it a look. Its pretty sick though.


John Wall + Bounce Pass + Blake Griffin x Alley-Oop = :O

Man oh my god, I was totally speechless when this happened last night, hence the :O lol. But I was really more impressed with the pass than the dunk cause man how do you do that bounced it perfectly and also with Griffin's timing because it'd be a shame if he misjudged it but lucky for us he didnt and it was amazing


Friday, February 18, 2011

Curren$y - Muscle Car Chronicles[Artwork X Tracklist X Trailer]

The Album, The Movie, The Dopeness is coming soon March 15th to be exact. Hitting you with 9 tracks, didnt Cabin Fever have 9 tracks too? is this a trend, and we got some previews to a few but check the Tracklist to see wat you should expect.

Hit the jump for the Trailer for "The Strangest Life"
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wiz Khalifa - Cabin Fever [Official Mixtape]

Holy shit, oh my God this was the most random and unexpected thing that has happened today man!!! I knew about this but thought it was supposed to been released so I thought he just said fugg it, but just as soon as you think you know wat Wiz is doing he hits you with Cabin Fever.

Hit the jump for the Download X Tracklist
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do you Smellllll.....What The cooking??

So Im on Twitter and people are popping up sayn The Rock, one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, was making a comeback o and he's live on RAW right now!! So I tune in and its true!! And it embodies alot of the classic stuff that we all loved about this guy but just see for yourself. Before I bend it over turn that sumbitch sideways and shove it right up your candy ass!!!!


J-Lie - Double XL [ft Curren$y, Mickey Factz, X Kendrick Lamar]

Damn yo like with a Star-Studded cast like this I dont give a damn who he is Im taking a listen lol but it really is worth give a spin and a download.


Wale - No Days Off [Documentary]

Check out the mini documentary from the homie Wale, so sit back and shave 15 mins off your day #NoDaysOff


Fashawn - Higher Learning Vol.2 [Official Mixtape]

Here goes the tape from the homie thats been brewing for awhile, check it out yo

Hit the jump for the Download  X Tracklist
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Big Sean - My Last [ft Chris Brown]

From the looks of it, the homie Sean is finally getting his big break and it appears that he's gonna be dropping Finally Famous: The Album  in March. Im really proud of him man he deserves it. And this is his 1st single from the album. UPDATE: Here's the Dirty CDQ version


Ron Artest - Who Are You [ft Nas & Xin-Xin]

Before you think "hell naw Im not listening to this sh*t" RON ARTEST IS NOT RAPPING but fortunately Nas is and 2 verses at that!! Check it out yo


Rick Ross - Perfectionist [ft Meek Mill]

Its tagged right now, waiting on the CDQ version to drop but until then enjoi the radio rip Just got the CDQ enjoi


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

J.Cole - In The Morning [ft Drake] {Official Video}

Here goes the long awaited video and this is prolly how most dudes feel the day after Valentines Day after all the cash they spent on that ass, he better be able to wax that ass. But check it out #ColeWorld


Monday, February 14, 2011

Curren$y in Miami [Video]

In case you didnt know $pitta was in the M.I.A. on Saturday nite doing his thing for the people. I missed it but luckily some homies got some bomb ass footage, shouts out 2muchstuff


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meek Mill spazzes for 8 mins

I know its not a freestyle, but man dont sleep on this guy. Man he's one of my fav artists at the moment and all 8 mins of it are Fire! you're not even gonna realize 8 mins went by. Expect big things from him.

The Audio:


Winners for the #RedCupMusic Contest

1st Place by @jshapedesigns

2nd place by @justjrdn

3rd place by @theboys412
Here are the winners for the farESH X Chevy Woods contest to make the artwork for Red Cup Music. They all get an autographed copy of Red Cup Music and the 1st place winner gets an exclusive limited edition farESH Red Cup X Gin Cup Tee


Friday, February 11, 2011

Chip Tha Ripper - Don't Come Into My Hood

Chip goes in over the Bone Thugz beat and expect Gift Raps on March 1! March is looking forward to be a great month for music


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ab-Soul - Hell Yeah [ft Schoolboy Q]

Here goes the Top Dawg gang with another banger for the people. Im hearing that the rest of the ganf is gonna drop some projects real soon so pay attention. 

"Hii Power, Money Showers, all the ladies wanna kick it with Mr Miyagi"


Rick Ross - Bricks

Here's another one from the BAWSE!


Curren$y - Soundbombing [Trailer]

Soundbombin' By MUSCLE CAR CHRONICLES from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Heres another trailer for Muscle Car Chronicles and its probably gonna be a movie too


Mac Miller - Donald Trump

Supposedly the 1st leak off of his upcoming project Best Day Ever which is slated for a Friday release. Songs nice, but the Best Day Ever sounds a lil sweet ya know but watevvs


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Favorite SB Commercial

Chevrolet Camaro - Miss Evelyn
Uploaded by DailymotionUSA. - See more TV shows and other videos.

Everyone starting with their usual "the commercials sucked this year" phase, but I didnt think they sucked just that some where bad yet I thought that there were some good ones still. But this my personal fav enjoi.


What Kind of Rap Fan Are You?

Shouts out to XXL for the inspiration and check to understand wat Im talking about
Okay let me see, Im more of the kinda guy who wants the rapper to go mainstream so I can say I was fuggin with him from the start. But it bothers me when everybody hops on sorta like Wiz when Kush & OJ and Black & Yellow dropped. Like I thought I wanted him to get big but honestly I didnt want to. Because I wanna listen to my well known guys [ie. Kanye] but listen to the guys that not alot of people know [ie Big K.R.I.T.]
And one thing I dont like about someone I like going mainstream is usually the quality of the music changes for the worse. And lets use Wiz again, I feel like he was always pretty mainstream in his bravado but his music was still catchy and clever. Now I feel he’s leaning on the catchy side and losing his witty lines that made me a fan. And it seems to happen to everybody now another example is Drake and dont get me started on him. But all in all I’d rather my fav rapper stay indy and get his grind on that way. So thats wat type of fan I am, if that makes any sense…
Soooo wat type of rap fan are you? And if you're a casual rap fan like you only listen to the radio and watever the DJ plays at parties say that! 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wale - The Breakup [Official Video]

Wale dropped this vid last week on MTV Jams as the Jam of The Week and here it is now courtesy of OnSmash man Im glad they're back. But this one's for the lovers.........who've gone through some rough ones.


Fashawn - Closer[Remix]

Fashawn tries to honor the late J.Dilla by hopping on his 'So Far To Go' 

R.I.P. J. Dilla


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