Saturday, April 30, 2011

On their Grizzy

Liking that title? Yeah, its pretty G. But The Memphis Grizzlies find a way to knock off the San Antonio Spurs aka The Regular Season Champs. Its been reported that they may have tanked games at end of the season to get to this matchup sooooo who looks smart in the end. But really who knew that Zach Randolph was gonna come ALIVE in this series. A key component in this series was Tim Duncan or lack thereof, he along with the Spurs empire has depreciated in value. Oh how the mighty has fallen, but they've had a great run: 8 div. titles & 4 nat'l titles. Not too shabby if you ask me. But we all know about the Spurs, but the next series can be really good if the Grizz keep up this level of play because they beat the Thunder 3-1 in the season series D: yeah this Memphis ishh isnt sweet at all and Ibaka is gonna have his hands full with Z-Bo. Cant wait! *Bart Scott voice* These playoffs are Amazing [to say the least]


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said [ft Skylar Grey] {Video}

Man I truly love this song yo, and Lupe for that matter, because it's so true and it's so raw and clear unadulterated music from the heart that has meaning and significance behind it. Lupe is never afraid to speak his mind and this is a song that does a great job of showing that. The things he goes over in this song is so real and not that "dope dealer real" shit I mean actually real and true. Like I mean like what he's saying is stuff that goes on and problems we actually face, but you can also listen to it as music as art. Great song, Lu, great song. Also great concept for the vid


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kobe SLAMS on Okafor [Video]

Kobe Game 5 Hammer Dunk Triptych

Damn man, why did Kobe have to lie to us like that? Talking bout a damn ankle lol giving this guy hope he could block you hahahaha and got yammed on NASTY! Like forreal this came out of nowhere and I was just like "ohhhhhh!". But right after this dunk he exploded, had to take Emeka's lunch money first


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dustin Hopkins drills a 60 yarder [Video]

:O Damn yo, I did not know that D-Hop had a leg like this man, jeez! Now only if he can manage to keep those Wide Rights out of the game -__- it still hurts.


Curren$y - #JetsGo

$pitta lets go a G ass single as he promised man, the cover is dope, the song is dope, the production is dope man is it safe to say that 2011 is looking like a Jetyear? But guys, seriously.....the man has given you guys countless free shit and a free full-length album a couple days ago. So it wouldnt do your pockets to much harm, I mean it literally cost $1.29!! I know times are hard but c'mon son! Homeless people can afford it. And I put mine on Hulkshare just so I can embed it, but its password protected so nobodys gonna get it for free.

Download It!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Life Files - Episode 1

Man this nigga $pitta is straight clownin' lol it'd be the funniest thing to go on tour with this nigga. But lmao @ Roddy for that little D-Town Shuffle hit stuck the people with.


Sir Michael Rocks - Over and Over [ft Phil Ade] {Video}

OVER AND OVER - SIR MICHAEL ROCKS FT. PHILADE from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

The last track 17th track off the project gets the first visual treatment. Be on the lookout for Premier Politics 


Great Moments in (pause) History: Chris Paul is funny [Video]

Dont worry CP, you're ahead now but Kobe's behind you waiting to strike

And oh yeah, forgot to say that he's good at basketball too, really good. But aside from that he made a couple funnies at the end of a miserable game for Laker fans. Trevor Ariza qualified this for a GMPH but the second comment was equally funny. 

Shoutout to nbavideosnow and Black Sports Online


Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sixers Strike Back!

Like most people I thought Miami was gonna finish this sweep but those lowly Sixers still had hope despite never beating Miami this season they had hope. But seriously, though the Heat are gonna win this series so Heat fans dont get frantic and Sixers fans dont be silly. The Sixers put on for the Philly fans though, gotta respect that. 

But my big question is: Why did the Heat go back to the giving Lebron the ball in late game situations? Like really? They have been giving Wade the ball since like February and IT HAS WORKED! But now all of the sudden in the PLAYOFFS for God's sake they stop doing that and revert back to the predictable "Lebron Iso at the top of the key" but the sky isnt falling and I like em to get it back together so no worries Heat fans its just one game, no worries. 

And shout out to Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday for the Daggers at the end lol


Warren G - This Is Dedicated To You [ft Latoya Williams]

Man I really feel this song and its dedicated to his dear friend Nate Dogg if you didnt know. Nate Dogg passed away earlier this year and one of his most famous songs was Regulate and it was with Warren G. But this is a real nice thing


Sir Michael Rocks - Exing

Mikey is getting it in lately man, Im still bumping The Rocks Report but Premier Politics would be nice too hahaaaa


Friday, April 22, 2011

The Hairline Struggle w/ Bomani Jones: Lebron Edition [Video]

save image

LMAO ahaahaha okay if you follow me, and you should if you dont already follow me, I regularly tweet on Lebron's hairline because c'mon son its getting TOOO OBVIOUS not to acknowledge it. Like he is literally wearing the headband on top of his head yo. *I cant*


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