If you've here, it's a good chance that this is probably your 1st time visiting the blog. Oh and since you're here, I'm gonna go ahead and let you know that this probably the last time you'll see me write probably. I use "prolly" quite frequently; it's quicker to type, gets the message across, an d has some sort of urban flair that I hear the kids love. But anyway, A Day in The Life of The Fly is basically a site built of things that interest me on a daily basis. You might even learn something about me here that you would've never knew about otherwise. The typical topics will range from sports to music, but expect a ton of opinion pieces ranging from the happenings in the world back to music and sports. 

I'm a real opinionated person and this is my outlet. My goal is not to make you agree with me, but simply to get you thinking so you can form an opinion of your own. Free-thinkers, individualists, that's what I believe in. Besides the blog, I dabble in music. I've been rapping for awhile now and some solid material out there if you care to check. The sidebar has the FB fan page so look into that to hear my latest. 2UP is something you might see referred to a lot on here and that's just my crew. We treat as a lifestyle, to be ahead of the curve. To make your own way, not to follow but too lead. Also search Louis Artisan on YouTube, check some A Capella's raps.

I also plan on having a podcast show in the near future and I will be posting through this and will keep everyone notified. But for the meanwhile....DL some tunes, laugh at some videos, and get your think on. It's all up to you what happens in A Day in The Life of The Fly.

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