Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK Day! But wat are we celebrating?

"Fucking love this because it is soo true, all them ass whoppings and marches and everything they did for us all to get equal rights have all gone down the fucking drain and are being forgotten about because our generation today just decides to be a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers and chose never to give a damn bout the past. And now chose to make fools out of ourselves instead of pushing ourselves beyond and outta the ghettos and to make something much greater of ourselves. The Boondocks=Truth!" - elwatusi92
Now think about that before you go hollering MLK day, cause are you really being the black people that MLK intended to see in 2011? I didnt think so, so how bout this yr you take advantage of all the rights our people fought hard for us to have. Now go run to the Parade with that. 

Because really, besides Obama wat do we have as black people to be celebrating? Like seriously we have taken soo many steps back as a culture its not even funny.Just think about that.

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If you were to show up at Dr. King's door back in the '60s and tell him this is wat black will have become in about 40 years despite wat he did, he'd probably give up rite there because he'd be fighting a losing battle.

Basically wat Im sayn is dont let wat Dr. King and all the others did go in vain. So instead of trying to hit up every parade to do everything but honor MLK, how bout you study for your Midterm so you can graduate and make something of yourself cause that will honor MLK more than any Parade can.

With all that being said Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!


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