Monday, August 6, 2012

Jordan #RiseAbove Commercial (Video)

So I was watching the Olympics, and this was the daytime so I was probably watching some Equestrian shit while KD was spoiling every event I wanted to watch later on that night, and this commercial came on that really caught my eye. 

It had a story, it kind of put you in the lives of 2 kids from 2 different sides of the world who both got influenced by the same game. They'd both grow up to great players & crossed paths on numerous occasions. And eventually they returned back where their love for the game all started, in the Olympics & it ends on a dramatic toss with the hashtag #RiseAbove displayed. I thought it was an amazing commercial and even broke my blogging hiatus to bring it to you. 

(P.S. blogging hiatus due to college preparation & computer difficulties, but I will be back for a vengeance pretty soon. Thanks peeps)


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