Saturday, April 30, 2011

On their Grizzy

Liking that title? Yeah, its pretty G. But The Memphis Grizzlies find a way to knock off the San Antonio Spurs aka The Regular Season Champs. Its been reported that they may have tanked games at end of the season to get to this matchup sooooo who looks smart in the end. But really who knew that Zach Randolph was gonna come ALIVE in this series. A key component in this series was Tim Duncan or lack thereof, he along with the Spurs empire has depreciated in value. Oh how the mighty has fallen, but they've had a great run: 8 div. titles & 4 nat'l titles. Not too shabby if you ask me. But we all know about the Spurs, but the next series can be really good if the Grizz keep up this level of play because they beat the Thunder 3-1 in the season series D: yeah this Memphis ishh isnt sweet at all and Ibaka is gonna have his hands full with Z-Bo. Cant wait! *Bart Scott voice* These playoffs are Amazing [to say the least]


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