Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sixers Strike Back!

Like most people I thought Miami was gonna finish this sweep but those lowly Sixers still had hope despite never beating Miami this season they had hope. But seriously, though the Heat are gonna win this series so Heat fans dont get frantic and Sixers fans dont be silly. The Sixers put on for the Philly fans though, gotta respect that. 

But my big question is: Why did the Heat go back to the giving Lebron the ball in late game situations? Like really? They have been giving Wade the ball since like February and IT HAS WORKED! But now all of the sudden in the PLAYOFFS for God's sake they stop doing that and revert back to the predictable "Lebron Iso at the top of the key" but the sky isnt falling and I like em to get it back together so no worries Heat fans its just one game, no worries. 

And shout out to Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday for the Daggers at the end lol


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