Monday, July 25, 2011

Kendrick Lamar Freestyles over a Violin {Video}

Kendrick sees this kid Jonathan Rivera playing the violin, pretty bossly if I might add, and decides to spit a free and jot down Jon's number. Swag. It's not the illest freestyle but hey people complain about writtens all the time so respect this one.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on why people care so much if a free is really free

Okay I never knew why people go so hard on that freestyle subject. Some people really dont have enough opportunities to not bring their best foot forward. My take on the issue is whatever you spit albeit written or free make it tough and dont embarrass yourself. Oh and if its written, please remember it and dont read it off of something, thats just making a mockery of yourself. But I will admit that it is refreshing to hear an actual freestyle, because it lets you know that theres no ghostwriter and they can come up with greatness at any time


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