Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Kind of Rap Fan Are You?

Shouts out to XXL for the inspiration and check to understand wat Im talking about
Okay let me see, Im more of the kinda guy who wants the rapper to go mainstream so I can say I was fuggin with him from the start. But it bothers me when everybody hops on sorta like Wiz when Kush & OJ and Black & Yellow dropped. Like I thought I wanted him to get big but honestly I didnt want to. Because I wanna listen to my well known guys [ie. Kanye] but listen to the guys that not alot of people know [ie Big K.R.I.T.]
And one thing I dont like about someone I like going mainstream is usually the quality of the music changes for the worse. And lets use Wiz again, I feel like he was always pretty mainstream in his bravado but his music was still catchy and clever. Now I feel he’s leaning on the catchy side and losing his witty lines that made me a fan. And it seems to happen to everybody now another example is Drake and dont get me started on him. But all in all I’d rather my fav rapper stay indy and get his grind on that way. So thats wat type of fan I am, if that makes any sense…
Soooo wat type of rap fan are you? And if you're a casual rap fan like you only listen to the radio and watever the DJ plays at parties say that! 


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