Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.

See how I called him Michael Jackson and not The King of Pop in the title, thats cause I want people to also remember that he was a man; a person. I know he was a larger-than-life figure but when he went home he was simply a man. I think Michael Jackson's entire life serves as the problem we have nowadays with celebrities, we simply forget that they are human too. But thats another story, today we look back on the unbelievable career that he left behind and praise his accomplishments. It doesnt matter how you feel about Michael Jackson the person, but the entertainer was the fuggin man in the booth and on the stage. 

I'll never forget where I was when I found out that he died, I was on a roadtrip to Tallahassee and we stopping to get gas and I just recently woke up and for no apparent reason which switched from the CD tot he radio and I the DJ for 99 Jamz said that Michael Jackson had died and me being in my half sleep state thought I was dreaming then I starting to fully awake and began looking confused because idk about you but I though I'd die before Michael Jackson did. So then I just sat there in shock and immediately plugged in my iPod so I can hear the man's voice again to only think that he's gone. 

Michael Jackson may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten. He was the epitome of greatness and there will never be another. He's not a once in a while, decade, century, or lifetime type of guy. He's Michael Jackson the one & only and he came once and shined bright enough to forever leave his imprint on us. 

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

Here's my favorite Michael Jackson song:


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