Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lil Wayne - She Will [ft Drake]

So Wayne drops another and I understand Im being a lil late, well Im busy boii. But here it is, check it out what ya think.

Bonus: She Will {Remix} [ft Rick Ross x Drake]

I dont know if I ever said it but I've been highly disappointed in for the past couple years so Hit The Jump to hear my take on it in this comment I left on a c-section

Okay 1st off lets not compare Jay-Z to Wayne, like c'mon guys. 2nd, Tha Carter III was not a great album it just sold well. I for one just cannot accept that this is the way Wayne raps now. Im not a fan of this corny punchline shit. Look at his better works Tha Carter I & II, Dedication 2,  & even Da Drought 3 [even though he started that punchline shit here, it was much better]. Like where did all this talent go? Now all his raps are some Fuck The World, Pop The Pussy, I been to Hell shit. It's just sad man, for analogy's purposes I'd compare him to Tiger Woods in the way that he was once the effing man skillwise and now he barely makes the cut.

Where's This Guy? [Lil Wayne - Tha Mobb]

[Lil Wayne - BM JR]

[Lil Wayne - No Other (ft Juelz)]

[Lil Wayne - Dough Is What I Got]

You can listen to em all or not 1, but they're all pretty good no denying no matter who you are. Like I was this guy's biggest fan & it was just getting to hard to defend this guy cause he gave me nothing to show he can still rap like he's shown before. Someone needs to sit him down and play him his good shit then play him this song so he can see how much he's fell off. Im still gonna give Tha Carter IV a chance but Im pretty sure it wont be much


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