Friday, August 12, 2011

To Freestyle or Not To Freestyle, that is the question [feat Royce Da 5'9"] {Video}

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Okay as an aspiring rapper, I can speak a little on this. 1st off you only get so many chances to showcase your skills so most people rather not chance it freestyling and sounding whack and then no one wants to listen to them. So people usually have writtens ready for so they can come with their best foot forward. And freestyling is not the easiest thing, you have a milliom things going on in your mind. You barely have any time to think about what you’re saying so its hard to make em dope and sometimes you mouth moves faster than you thoughts and choke or mess up. And the way people eat you alive for doing something like that is another thing that makes people stay away from it. An in this hip hop landscape it might be more essential to work on your hooks than your freestyles anyway. But I do enjoy freestyling, but I am one of the more conservative guys who keeps written on me because you only have one 1st impression. But for somebody as esteemed as Royce, he could’ve busted a free and it wouldnt really matter howit sounded. I didnt like the move he made there, that was pretty weak


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