Thursday, April 12, 2012

Andrew Bynum makes me lol & smh [Video]

Now just watch those 2 videos and think that he's the guy that the Lakers have to rely on to win a championship this year. He's hilarious, but he hurts LA with his antics. I swear he's just clowning now, he knows how good he is & he knows the Lakers cant get rid of him. He has turned a bit Hollywood to put it in better terms. 

It seems that Andrew Bynum is the only person who can stop Andrew Bynum. He takes himself out of the game more than any player or defensive scheme. He doesn't get in foul trouble, he gets in technical foul trouble. But he's our knucklehead and I'm down for the ride, interesting to see where this thing goes. At least we know that he's becoming a great player, 30 rebounds last night in a win over the Spurs. I can live with the clowning.


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