Sunday, April 8, 2012

Carmelo Anthony DOES IT....TWICE [Video]

So I'm chilling in my living area, fresh out of church.....shouts out to Jesus, watching the game and the Knicks are just SMACKing the Bulls. I mean 21 pt leads in the 1st quarter and Melo is going off. But as you know by now, nothing comes by easy with the Knickerbockers. They fully blow the lead and D. Rose puts on a show in the 3rd quarter that only an MVP who sat because he had the AIDS can. Not to mention JR Smith was throwing up & missing every pass he received. But but for some reason the Knicks did not die as they usually do in these situations. 

They stuck in there with great Defense oddly enough. But even though they were fighting back they couldn't capitalize on Offense so the game seemed to be over when Luol Deng went to the line with a chance to seal the game. But somehow he manages to take out his anger towards his barber on the rim and misses both shots. Then not only does he choke, D. Rose re-experiences his own FT struggles and misses both. And I should add that somewhere in between there Novak missed a three to tie the game that went in & out the basket about 4 times. But then it was Melo Mania. So epic that it made the boy come out of a 5 month hiatus of posting.

A Day in The Life of The Fly BACK!

thanks to Melo.


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