Thursday, December 30, 2010

Death Threats to Chris Brown!?! Really nigga, really?

Im not really gonna talk about the Twitter beef between Chris Brown and Raz B because I dont follow any of them and am not informed enough about the feud nor do I want to and also dont care that much. But when I saw this vid I had to comment on it. Okay here's whats wrong with this video: 

1st of all this nigga's name is "Ricky Romance" lol. That has to be one of the gayest names I've ever seen. I dont think there's nothing a nigga named Ricky Romance can say to scare me. 

2ndly This nigga voice is so sentimental like forreal man try to sound mean or something. And you gon "put yo motherfucking pistol in his mouth" like umm why his mouth!?! You already look gay with all the licking ya lips, ya shades, and the Raz B poster on yo wall. And there are so many other G places to put, for one "I'll put my motherfucking pistol to your dome" ehh sounds more G. Lets just be happy he didnt say "I'm gonna put my motherfucking pistol down your throat" cause thats just Gay. But this shit looks like he's doing a greeting video for eHarmony or something. And this nigga asks for an apology!?! Where they do that at!?! When you making death threats its been passed the Say Sorry period lol. And he has the nerve to call someone Gay lol this is hilarious

Lastly, that commercial in the background has to be worst commercial to play during a threat video lol. Haha it just defeats everything you say. And its so funny cause he notices how gay it is and stops and lets the commercial finish before he continues lol. I would've died laughing and had to restart, but nope he chose to keep so we laugh at it. And here's the commercial that was playing.


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