Thursday, December 23, 2010

INTERVIEW: Kobe Bryant - On Christmas Game w/ Heat, MJ, Retirement

Christmas Day is approaching fast and besides the obvious that means The Lakers and Heat will have their long-awaited duel for supremacy so to speak. But according to Kobe this game is no big deal. I also agree because even though its a big game, its a regular season game and carries little worth. Like Bryant says "We gotten rocked on Christmas and have won a championship and we've done the rocking and still won a championship" so the result means little in the big picture. But!! It would be soooo sweet to win. Because for the meantime they get the bragging rights. 

Especially from my perspective, as a Laker fan who lives in Miami, I will have to hear it for some time. But last year the Cavs handed it to us TWICE but we were left laughing as they cried......TWICE. And dont be fooled by Kobe's downplaying of the game [ie Celtics Series] he cares, but isnt gonna let that distract him or his team. 

And the MJ thing, thats gonna be wat it is forever. People wil always put him on this unreachable perch no matter how many titles Kobe wins or wat he does. I for one think Kobe is just as good as MJ and has some better qualities, but all in all I gotta choose Jordan just because, and this coming from a DIE-HARD Kobe fan, watever KB does its just a remix of wat Jordan did. The only way Kobe will surpass MJ is to win another championship or two in historic fashion and retire afterwards and then DIE. Hopefully he doesnt die, but death multiplies everything that was done while living and I think it will give him the slight edge because since everyone hates Kobe no one will give him credit while he's alive.

And on retirement, I dont think Kobe will be one of those 'Brett Favre type guys' who never wanna let go. I think he'll retire before he takes a dip in his skills. When his contract goes up Im thinkn that'll be the last of Kobe Bryant the Player, but lets not think about that. For now lets go get this 3peat.


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