Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are Hip Hop Fans Fickle?

Props to 2dopeboyz and go there and read some comments. Theres good stuff there

Man like I having a range on opinions on this, but I'll try to keep it short because I really wanna hear wat YOU have to say that means COMMENT.....please lol. 

But I do believe Hip Hop fans are quite fickle and are less savvy than other genre's fan bases because lot of fans are very ignorant and naive to the art form and history of Hip Hop music. And they do tend to turn their backs on artists rather quickly. One rebuttal I heard to that is there is so many artist and music that comes out on a regular basis that some artists cant risk putting out bullshit. And another thing I heard that I wanna speak on is I love conscientious and lyrical Hip Hop as much as the next guy, but I feel we need both that and this mainstream stuff though. Reason being that we all like to go out and party and have fun and umm I dont know if you are aware or not but alot of that lyrical shit is hard to dance to like try having a family barbecue  playing MF Doom, wouldnt be right. So we need to find a balance but also these dudes need to know there place or start making more conscientious music [ie Soulja Boy] if you wanna be the best rapper alive, you can make a ''Pretty Boy Swag'' [stretching it] but then you'll need to make 10 ''What More Can I Say'' joints. And also the underground/mainstream thing when people abandon their fav rappers once they get the notoriety they deserved is kinda like this well for me at least I dont abandon anybody 1st off, I'll always follow em but they usually conform their music to a more mainstream sound which I dont like. Maybe its the labels forcing them to put out a certain product and hindering their creativity to make this generic sound that for some reason they think we like *insert wtf face* 

But wat are your opinions? And again COMMENT!!!!

PS: I did a horrible job at keeping it short, but hope you enjoyed it


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