Friday, March 18, 2011

Chris Broussard talks on the Uncle Tom controversy

I was actually watching this live and thought it was an amazing little speech by Chris and I totally agree and respect him for his feelings. 

I too made similar comments on some video on Youtube a while back

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lmao haha but seriously though I hate when some black people hear me talk and see how hard I work in school and say things like "he talks like a white person" or "he's white" like damn to be black I cant use proper english? To be black I cant be smart I gotta be stupid? So wat you're sayn is to be black I have to be an ignorant dumbass? No thanks because thats not being black, thats being you and thats something I dont wanna be. I wanna bring pride to our race, not shame so you can be "black"

Also check out another post I made on the issue: 
Grant Hill, Fab-5, and Uncle Toms Oh my! :O


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