Monday, March 21, 2011

C'mon Knicks

This picture should just about sum it all up. The Knicks have been far from phenomenal and very much a disappointment in some eyes. The Honeymoon is now over as if it wasnt over when they lost to Cleveland that second time. But the Knicks just need a W in a big fashion to gain back some of the swagger it once had at the start of this Melo trade. As of now the Knicks are the 7th seed in the East so they may get either Chicago or Boston which if not playing at their best they might get swept :o 

But if they can get their grove back they're only 1 game behind Philly for the 6th spot which is prolly gonna pit them against the Heat which I think would make for an exciting series and may even pump them up enough to make tight, but bottom line the Knicks made this trade for next year, but you never wanna end on a bad note so its important that the Knicks finish strong. Although their schedule isnt gonna be easy because they have to see Orlando & New Jersey twice, Boston & Chicago again, and the dreaded Cavaliers once more. So if they want it they can do it, but the key is......wait for it......DEFENSE, yeah folks the D-word tell the Knicks to learn by Wednesday it'll help


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