Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grant Hill, Fab-5, and Uncle Toms Oh my! :O

I didnt really wanna comment on this but here goes nothing. 

1st off these are comments from from the mindsets of an 18 yr old Jalen Rose & Jimmy King. They kinda stated that multiple times and said these comments in past tense form. [i.e. "I thought" "he was"] 

And have we over looked one of the biggest things Jalen said about it.......He was JEALOUS of Grant Hill and his lifestyle!!! He had everything that he wish he had so he had to motivate himself somehow so he built up these comments against him, not that they were true but just motivational tools

And for the elephant in the room, Im sorry there are Uncle Toms in the world and I can point you out a few on a daily basis. And people get this confused alot, an Uncle Tom is not someone who came from an affluent background or speaks proper, thats just another black person. An Uncle Tom is someone who conforms to White Society and shuns Black Society and I dont think that was Grant Hill but hey what are you gonna do

And for the Duke thing, you have to be out of your mind to think that Duke doesnt good after players they feel that wont hurt their brand. Duke's not [for my Miami people] heading down to OverTown or Liberty City trying to find the next Michael Jordan. Not saying there arent good players there but they're not "Duke Players". Because Duke doesnt wanna risk some "thug" coming in and bringing negative attention to their program and I respect that and see nothing wrong with it but Im just saying dont play dumb like they dont do that. The Fab Five was just stating the obvious for the most part. 

And another big point Jalen made was "They are who society accepts and we aren't" and simmer on that bit.

But hey The Fab Five was an amazing documentary and nothings great without a bit of controversy 


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