Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rick Ross - Make It Rain (Remix) [ft Wale] {Trailer}

NOT SAFE FOR WORK Check out MMG's version of the Travis Porter single. But while you're at it, pick up your jaw and swab you're keyboard lol But you're prolly watchn the vid and not even reading this so have fun 

Oh and Hit the jump for the issue of Wale changing and Ross unwisely spending his loot

Wow! Thats all I can say after reading all these opinions on the subject. Like people can we give this guy an actual chance to make some music before we say who he is now. Lets stop jumping to conclusions and just chill out and wait for some actual evidence of this so-called "dramatic" change in lifestyles. Im not sure where his mind is or how he's doing things but I'll see eventually. Like most I was skeptical about the MMG signing but I wanna see it play out 1st before I make comments about it. And people who are upset about the video because Wale is in a strip club, ummmm did you think he was gay or something? He's a regular guy and I guarantee he's been there before so I dont see wat your talking bout. Because Wale speaks highly of women, but also recognizes he doesnt always. And for the people sayn that Ross should do something productive with his money, that is true, but its not like he doesnt already have charities and programs for the greater good. And Secondly, its his money. And Lastly how many people really do something productive with their cash? At least he is paying this women, you think some of those money-hungry business man are helping people? My point exactly. But lets just see how things go


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